Thessaloniki ring road flyover 

Intuition and Creativity in Innovation-  and Research Engineering                      Reliability and effectiveness in Consultancy                                                                                   Holistic design in Construction engineering 

Projects carried out in GREECE & ABROAD (technical ability & experience) 


More than 20 Prestudies, Definitive Designs and Implementation studies for multistory buildings, commercial houses, industrial building facilities, public buildings as theaters, cultural centers a.o., in the last 10 years.

More than 30 Bridge Preliminary and Definitive Designs of Bridge structures not longer than 30 m, I the last 10 years, and 12 multispan bridges up to 950 m long

  • Design Review of more than 150 Definitive designs of bridges up to 1000 m long
  • Independent Design Checks of more than 30 Highway structures
  • More than 15 rehabilitation studies of structures in the last 15 years
  • Conceptual Design and project development services for three of the biggest new PPP projects in northern Greece (Thessaloniki Ringroad West (constructed), New elevated Peripheral Highway in Thessaloniki - Flyover Ringroad (under Construction), Implementation of the new Masterplan for Transport Infrastructures in the greater Thessaloniki area, External Ringroad of Thessaloniki a.o.)
  • Project and Design Management for more than 20 years, for the implementation of Greece's largest highway project (Egnatia Odos)                                                                                                                                                                                                                            RESEARCH ENGINEERING
  • Extensive academic and applied research in the following main research topics :                                                 Seismic Behaviour of r/c Columns and Beams (1996),  Seismic Design of Pile Caps, (1997) ,                                                                                 Evaluation Criteria for Bridge Structural Systems (2003), Design of Continous Deck slab in Multi span Bridges with Precast-Beams (2003), Mechanical Behaviour of Shear Joints in Bridge Decks (2003),   Contribution to the improvement of seismic performance of integral bridges (2005), Seismic Interaction Between Adjacent Irregular Buildings (2005),  An innovative proposal to reduce the cost of construction-maintenance-earthquake resistance of conventional bridges with precasted beams (2016),  Conventional Approach and alternative Proposal with innovative Options for Aesthetics, Economy and Constructubility for long corved Bridge of the Highway Patras - Athens -Thessaloniki​ (2016),    The causes of major structural damages in the Athens area, in the aftermath of the 7th Sept. 99 earthquake. (Report, EPPO - Research Program. Earthquake Planning and Protection Organization (EPPO), Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks),    Proposal for the Design of Totally Monolithic Multi span Bridges.Analytical Investigation and Documentation.    Strategic and Functional Planning and Design of Transport infrastructures; Transportation Policies;        Research in Urban Master plan implementation analysis and Mega city Design & Development                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
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Urban Infrastructures 

Mega City Design

Resilience and Sustainability

Highway Engineering 

Road Safety 

Geotechnical Engineering 



Bridge Monitoring

Maintainance & Strengthening